Weekly Service

  • Worship & Teaching - 6 - 7:15pm
  • Most of the congregation sits in what we call "U-groups". These are small semi-circle groups. The reason for this is that during the sermon there are two intentional break-out sessions where congregants are encouraged to answer a posed question and discuss among themselves. The discussion period is intended to help with life application.  We also feel this layout is more conducive to fellowship and relationship building.
  • For those who are uncomfortable sitting in a U-Group an alternative seating option is available.   
  • Children from 1st grade and up are encouraged to stay in the main service during worship.  They are then dismissed into their own small groups where they further discuss the lesson and then have an organized activity. 
  • Jr. High and High School students remain in the main service.   We have U-Groups just for these age groups.   However, feel free to keep your family together if that is a better option for your teenager.
  • Our church uses technology to save money and facilitate discipleship.  Sermon notes, bible studies, and questions are on our website.  Sometimes we offer devotions if you would like to lead your family or friends in a study during the week. 
Our Location

 Location -  (click for map)
10621 Wolf Rd, Huntley, IL 60142

 The Huntley Cheer Association is allowing us to rent their facility on Sunday's. This location is only temporary for us as we continue to pursue other rental locations further south towards our desired location in West Dundee or surrounding areas. It is likely we will remain in this facility until late spring ('18).